The Little Flowers That Just Wanted To Grow

Emily watering some flowers

by Emily Mayor

Imagine a place where caring for your brothers and sisters is a daily chore. A place where school is not encouraged. A place where there is barely enough to go around. A place where love is hard to find.

Loved starved children are plentiful in the community where I serve. These children that live in the low income housing project near the corps have a hard life. We see and feel it first hand. Walking through this run down neighborhood broken glass litters the ground while barefoot kids run and play. They are so full of endless imagination. Our attention and time are like life water to them.

While sitting on the steps at the foot of one of the small aprtments, six tiny, grubby faced urchins run up to Sarah and I, wrapping their little arms around us, each one fighting for a spot on our laps. So we stay. The kids play games with nothing but each other. I take a sip of water. They notice. Now they want a drink. Their smiles widen as each one tastes the icy life giving liquid. A line forms and soon my bottle is empty.

Every time we visit our desire is to water these little flowers with the hope that they will grow and blossom. We water them with the love of Jesus – His grace we hope to show.