Though most people’s obsession with Millennials correlates to the aggregate worth of their wallets—or, in some instances, the value of their celebrity—there also exists a growing fascination with the importance of teenagers in the formation of a distinct cultural lexicon. From blogs to documentaries, media that reflects the history of adolescence has never been so alluring.

Kids Those Days: Those old enough to wax nostalgic about their adolescent years tend to believe that “the good old days” are defined by their lack of modern teenage mores. TV writerGreg Volk, through his clever new blog Kids Those Days, aims to set the record straight with topical historical anecdotes that prove it’s not just today’s texting-at-the-dinner-table teens who “ruined everything,” but rather any teen who ever lived.  Recent posts include musings on a 1981 op-ed pieceabout the travesty of teens wearing Sony Walkman headphones at the Ohio State Fair and reflections on the bygone state of mall culture, the latter inspired byshutterbug Michael Galinsky’s viral photo essay.

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