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Roaring Twenties: Great Accomplishments By The 20-29 Set

Is there a more exciting time than one’s twenties? You still remember what it’s like to be a kid – but you also have money and a driver’s license. The 20s can be experienced con gusto – or, if you are madly pursuing greatness, as a side dish.

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The Rise Of Emerging Adulthood

Folks ages 18-29 who according to Dr. Jeffrey Arnett(who first coined the term) are marked by identity exploration, a feeling of being “in between,” instability, self-focus, and a sense of possibility.

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Generation Homeless: The New Faces of an Old Problem

Twenty-two-year-old Tony Torres sags, exhausted, onto the pavement just beyond a skate park where kids from this affluent Seattle suburb, Bellevue, flip tricks off ramps to the beat of a boombox.

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AP-mtvU Poll: Technology brings connection, stress

WASHINGTON – Technology has become so entwined with collegestudents’ often frantic lives that most in a new survey say they’d be more frazzled without it.

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Great college resource guides by Relevant Magazine. The have an undergrad, graduate, and seminary version available online.

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